Jim Walsh's Office

Location Info: This was the building most often used as the establishing shot for Jim Walsh's office, and later was used as the building where Steve did an internship.

888 W. 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

It is the Northwestern Mutual Life Building. The shot was taken facing East on S. Figueroa St, looking up at the building.


After realizing that firing Jim Walsh might have been a mistake, Dylan decides to go clear his head by driving to Jim Walsh's Office

As Jim stares crunching the numbers for Dylan's trust, Dylan enters and announces that he would like to buy the Peach Pit and turn it into Post-Modern Parisian Bistro that serves nothing but Freedom Fries. After Jim announces that he cannot support this hair-brained scheme, Dylan fires him for a record 5th time, then proceeds to storm out. Where is he headed?

KEG House      Colin Robbins' Venice Loft      

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