Search by Show: Melrose Place (83 Locations)

Alison and Jane's Marine Petition Signing
Alison and Jo's Christmas Shopping
Alison's Intervention Escape
Amanda and Billy's First Date
Amanda and Kyle's Dominican Beach
Amanda and Michael's New York Hotel
Amanda Woodward Advertising
Amanda's Condo
Billy and Amanda's Sculpture Garden
Billy's Father's Funeral
Billy's Seattle Pay Phone
Bobby Parezi's House
Brooke's Museum Meeting with Jack
Carter Gallavan's Mansion
Chelsea's High School
Colleen and David's House
D & D Advertising
Dan Hathaway's House
Hayley Armstrong's Mansion
Jack Parezi's House
Jake and Alison's Wedding Church
Jake and Colleen's Lunch
Jake and Jane's Desert Diner
Jake and Jo's Diner
Jake and Jo's Move-In Decision
Jake and Michael's Baby Discussion
Jake and Sydney's Dive Bar Rescue
Jake's Car Restoration Shop
Jake's Desert Gas Station
Jane Mancini Designs
Jane Stalking Jake and Alison
Jane's Birth Mother's Mansion
Jane's Design Studio
Jane's Season One Boutique
Jess and Jo's Miniature Golf Course
Jess Hanson's Garage
Jess Hanson's Trailer Home
Jo's Gun Arrest
Jo's Gun Arrest Jail
Katya Petrova's Apartment
Keith Gray's Beach House
Keith Gray's Seattle House
Kimberly and Peter's Alley Drugging
Kimberly's Crazy Motel
Kimberly's Rooftop Hospital Escape
Kimberly's Tupperware Party
Lauren Ethridge's Pool
Matt and Sam's Missing Child Search
Megan Mancini's Beach House
Megan Mancini's House
Megan's Sleazy Sunset Motel
Megan's Street Corner
Melrose Place
Meredith Parker's House
Michael and Kimberly's Beach House
Michael and Kimberly's Prayer Church
Mid-Wilshire Professional Building
Miss Health & Fitness Pageant
Ojai Grill
Palmer Woodward's Police Station
Peter and Taylor's Lighthouse
Peter Burns' Beach House (Season 3)
Peter Burns' Beach House (Season 5)
Peter Burns' House (Season 4)
Peter's Blackout Playground
Peter's Emergency Tracheotomy
Peter's Mental Hospital
Pretty Lady Boat Dock
Rhonda and Billy's Taxi Ride
Rhonda and Terrence's First Date
Rhonda's Aerobics Date
Rikki's Diner
Sandy's First Encounter with Paul
Sydney and Bobby's Tattoo Parlor
Sydney and Craig's Wedding Church
Sydney and Kimberly's Murder Plot Overlook
Sydney and Kimberly's Murder Plot Park
Sydney's Abduction
Sydney's Palm Springs Taco Stand
Twin Oaks Rehabilitation Center
Wilshire Memorial Hospital
Wilshire Memorial Hospital Annex

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