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Bobby Parezi's House[Melrose Place]
Susan Keats' Parents' House[Beverly Hills 90210]
Twin Oaks Rehabilitation Center[Melrose Place]
Wyatt Clinic[Beverly Hills 90210]
Wyatt Teen Outreach Center[Beverly Hills 90210]

the ultimate beverly hills 90210 choose your own adventure

Where was the hotel that Valerie Malone stayed at when she threatened to kill herself before going to Kelly Taylor's graduation party to have illicit relations with Steve Sanders? Where is the coolest (and probably only) frat on the CU Campus, the KEG house, located? Was Andrea Zuckerman the oldest high school senior in the history of West Beverly High? How many times did the location of Donna Martin's house change? Answers to all the questions and more are inside. Get Started!

Not Feeling Adventurous?

For the locational seeker who is always on-the-go, or for those too lazy to engage themselves in an adventurous tale of real (read:fake) Beverly Hills scandal most likely ending with Andrea Zuckerman getting hit by a silver street-racer or Brandon Walsh writing an award-winning column for a fictional newspaper, choose from the options below:

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