Choose Your Own Adventure

To get started on your adventure, please choose from one of the protagonists from the Hills of Beverly listed below. You will be taken on a series of factually based adventures (with a few creative liberties thrown in) taking you from location to location based on your selection. In the end, you will be no better of than when you began, but for some reason, you will feel cooler than every one else you know.

Choose your protagonist

Brandon Walsh
The single most important human being, real or imaginary, in the history of time. In related news, "History of Time" is officially defined as a full four year courseload at California University
Greatest Weakness: Emily Valentine's well-defined chin or addictive gambling on Lakers games (tie)

Brenda Walsh
The Danny DeVito to Brandon's Arnold Schwarzenegger. An aspiring thespian who was already a professional drama queen by trade
Favorite Quote: "Dylan you're scaring me"

Steve Sanders
The adopted, yet natural born, son of perennial father of the year candidate and KEG House legend, Rush Sanders
Most noted for: Executing a perfect flea flicker and commandeering a triumphant KEG flag football championship while his good friend Dylan lay in a coma fighting for his life

Kelly Taylor
A former Seventeen cover model and the most popular girl West Beverly High has ever seen, despite Brenda's accusations of being "loose" on Back Story
Rare Fact: In the history of the world, no single human being has been a victim more than Kelly Taylor, whose list of life-altering ordeals includes: shooting victim, rape victim, burn victim, amnesia sufferer, attempted murder victim and being a card-carrying member of a brain-washing cult led by a creepy dude in a wheelchair, just to name a few

Donna Martin
This dyslexic member of the gang overcame her learning disabilities just in time to make young David Silver wait 7+ years to consummate their relationship
Most Significant Accomplishment: Donna Martin Graduates!

David Silver
Aspiring musician and hip-hop enthusiast with a weakness for morally strong women with moral-less mothers
Proudest Achievement: Perhaps you might remember the C.U. Carnival where Mr. Silver got the chance to play keyboards for none other than Kenny "Babyface" Edmunds? Well, at that same carnival, he also cheated on Donna with Arial. I think that would be his proudest achievement

Dylan McKay
The well-read recovering alcoholic who was a persistant financial adversary of Jim Walsh and a lover of all things "lady"
Did you know... The real reason that Dylan chose Kelly over Brenda was because of her award-winning thesis on the collected works of Byron? Unfortunately, nobody believed this scenario, so the writers were forced to go with the simpler rationale of: "Brenda kinda sucks"

Valerie Malone
Old family friend of the Walsh clan, and one time proprietor of the Peach Pit After Dark
A Baker's Dozen: Val was only one "Jim Walsh" conquest shy of romancing the entire male cast of 90210. (NOTE: Matt Durning doesn't count as being a cast member, and thus, is irrelevant to this statistic).

Andrea Zuckerman
Outspoken and morally soapboxing valedictorian of the West Beverly Class of 93
Interesting Factoid: At 42 years old, Andrea Zuckerman was actually the oldest graduating senior in the history of West Beverly High, and was in fact 3 years older than Vice Principal and Part-Time Authoritarian, Ms. Teasley

Note: Not all Beverly Hills 90210 locations are included in the choose-your-own adventure at this point in time. For a full listing of all locations, click here

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