Dylan McKay's House

Location Info: The bungalow home of one Dylan McKay.

1605 E. Altadena Dr, Altadena, CA.

Note: It's 4 houses west of Casa Walsh, on the corner of Porter Ave and Altadena Dr.

Actual Images

After double-checking the Peach Pit (since Nat is never not there), Andrea finds Nat at the entrance of Dylan McKay's House

Andrea walks into Dylan's house, and has the sudden realization that Dylan's house is a lot closer to Casa Walsh than previously thought. So close in fact, that Andrea throws a rock to demonstrate and unknowlingly hits Jim Walsh on the head as he was attempting a windmill dunk on Walsh's "pro-style" 8ft basketball hoop. Minutes later, a frantic Cindy Walsh gives Andrea a call to tell them Jim has been rushed to the hospital. Feeling terrible about the incident, Andrea decides to seek guidance from Nat, but he isn't at the Peach Pit. Where is Nat?

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