West Beverly High

Location Info: The hallowed halls where the gang spent their time being disciplined by Ms. Teasley before all getting miraculously accepted into C.U.

2200 Carson St Torrance, CA

Note: Special thanks to Joao for providing the picture of the interior courtyard

Actual Images

As Steve awaits trial on his legacy key involvement, Brandon and Jordan Bonner team up to write a hard-hitting piece about gang violence and its adverse effects on the upcoming West Beverly Sadie Hawkins dance, tentatively titled "Donna Martin Graduates." Just then, Andrea walks in with a note from Ms. Teasley that says Brandon needs to go stop Brenda from giving an unauthorized, exclusive interview about growing up in Beverly Hills to "Back Story." The problem is, Brandon also has to meet with Rush Sanders to hear some KEG house folklore from the 60's. Where does Brandon tell Rush to meet up?

Colin Robbins' Venice Loft      Andrea and Jesse's Apartment      

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