Dylan McKay's House

Location Info: The bungalow home of one Dylan McKay.

1605 E. Altadena Dr, Altadena, CA.

Note: It's 4 houses west of Casa Walsh, on the corner of Porter Ave and Altadena Dr.

Actual Images

Securely placing D's firearm back in the first-aid box, they hop in the Porsche and head to Dylan McKay's House

Startled by knocking at the door, a boozed up Dylan stumbles to the door and pulls a gun on some unruly trick-or-treaters. Fast on the scene to save the day, Brandon calms Dylan down and helps him change his voicemail message. "It's Dylan, you know the drill." Perfect. Feeling that getting Dylan out of the house will help sober him up, Brandon decides they should head out. Where does Brandon suggest they go?

Jim Walsh's Office      Casa Walsh      

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