Beverly Beat

Location Info: The most respected journalistic periodical off all time was headquartered here, squired by nothing more than a writer and a KEG alumnus who sold ads.

(Approx) 6606 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA


Actual Images

After boarding up the windows to the Beat, everyone crams into Rush's Bentley and seeks shelter at Beverly Beat

Whilst at the Beat writing a gripping op-ed about the powers of "Squashing It" (that he learned from co-hosting Hip Hop night at the After Dark with Willie's nephew Juwan), Beverly Beat music columnist David Silver runs into Donna who inadvertently uncovered evidence of sweatshop-like conditions at one of Rush Sanders' properties. After confronting Rush with the evidence, Rush sidesteps the issue then confesses to Steve that he is his biological father. Just then, an alert comes across the newswire of an impending earthquake hitting the area. Where should Brandon and the gang take cover?

Colin Robbins' Venice Loft      Dylan McKay's House      

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