Jim Walsh's Office

Location Info: This was the building most often used as the establishing shot for Jim Walsh's office, and later was used as the building where Steve did an internship.

888 W. 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

It is the Northwestern Mutual Life Building. The shot was taken facing East on S. Figueroa St, looking up at the building.


Donna arrives at the office of Jim Walsh, only to find that Jim is caught up in a daydream, most likely about his foxy secretary Dottie. Startled by Donna's entrance, Jim quickly offers to break out the Casio keyboard and play a stripped down rendition of the Stone's class, "Brown Sugar" to avoid getting the third degree. Before he has a chance for an encore, Donna claps enthusiastically and scurries out of the office. Where should Donna go?

Dylan McKay's House      West Beverly High      

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