Beverly Beat

Location Info: The most respected journalistic periodical off all time was headquartered here, squired by nothing more than a writer and a KEG alumnus who sold ads.

(Approx) 6606 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA


Actual Images

Having just visited her dad in slammer, Kelly pulls up at the same time as Donna as they arrive at Beverly Beat

Donna enters the office of the Beverly Beat to congratulate Brandon on his award-winning piece on gay couples adopting the abandoned babies of unfit teenage girls named Jessica Alba, when she gets an urgent call on her cell phone from her mom Felice in Houston. Felice tells Donna that the affair she had at the Bel Age when Color Me Badd was the result of raising a dyslexic child who drank too much at the prom. Not believing what she just heard, Donna calls up Noah to tell him the news, but he is off counting his trust fund money on the boat, and he is getting bad reception. Just then, she gets a call from Kelly, who invites her over to console her. Where is Kelly?

Casa Walsh      West Beverly High      

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