KEG House

Location Info: The greatest (and possible only) frat on the campus of the beloved California University.

1815 Campus Rd, Eagle Rock CA

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After a gladiator-esque matchup, Steve reigns victorious over Sears at KEG House

With the annual mixer with the ladies of the Alpha House in full swing, John Sears is noticed sneaking out of the party with a teen runaway from the Downey House. Steve decides that he should hire Dylan's P.I. JJ Jones to investigate. Upon further review, JJ learns that "troubled teen" is actually none other than Celeste Lundy. The problem is, the C.U. Carnival has passed, so Steve can't avenge her honor by knocking John Sears into a mud pit. Where does Kelly suggest they stage a make-shift duel for Celeste's honor?

Colin Robbins' Venice Loft      Andrea and Jesse's Apartment      

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