Casa Walsh

Location Info: Where all good times are had - the Walsh family home

1675 E. Altadena Dr, Altadena CA

Actual Images

Taking advantage of the safe streets of Beverly Hills, Steve leaves Casa Walsh and opts to power-walk over to Casa Walsh

In an effort to raise funds for the house budget, Brandon reluctantly agrees to let Steve rent out Casa Walsh for the filming of a movie. After Susan Keats suprises the gang and learns that what is being shot is actually an "art film," an angry Brandon puts and end to the production and runs after Susan in an attempt to explain the situation. After smoothing things over by reminding Susan of his heroic game-winning catch at the KEG flag football tournament while Dylan was in a coma battling his demons, Steve decides that they should probably get out of the house before Susan recounts her choice to have an abortion that always brings everyone in the room to tears. Where is Steve headed?

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