Andrea and Jesse's Apartment

Location Info: The quaint couples housing that Jesse and Andrea checked into once they got married and prepped for the arrival of little Hannah

5700 Kester Ave, Van Nuys CA

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After sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for 3 hours, an extremely agitated Steve arrives at Andrea and Jesse's Apartment

While at the apartment, Steve confronts Andrea about an anonymous tip that her valedictorian speech was a plagiarized version of the speech that Taylor Townshend gave when Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer graduated from Harbor High. After she confirms suspicions, a disappointed Steve soapboxes on the benefits of exposing a bi-ethnic child to Santa Claus, then politely leaves. After such a powerful debate, a re-charged Steve decides to hit the town. Where is Steve headed?

West Beverly High      Colin Robbins' Venice Loft      

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