Colin Robbins' Venice Loft

Location Info: The loft and ensuing coke-den for aspiring artist Colin Robbins, and also later Kelly and Valerie

2224 Main St, Santa Monica CA


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Realizing that Dylan is the only addict worthy of an intervention, the gang decides to abandon their plans for Colin, sell him out to police, and instead just enjoy sharing high school memories together at Colin Robbins' Venice Loft

At the loft that day, Colin receives a fresh pack of Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers, which inspires him to begin working on a new mural for the Peach Pit After Dark. After taking a deep whiff of what he thought was a Cherry marker (whose red hue would nicely accent a skyscraper in "Kelly's New York"), he soon realizes it is actually pure Columbian cocaine he has just snorted. After snorting all the cocaine in the greater Los Angeles area over the period of 5 episodes, he realizes that he needs to either get help or stay on the run from the law. Valerie tells the gang and they all offer to help. Where should the gang go to stage an intervention?

West Beverly High      Andrea and Jesse's Apartment      

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