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Season 6

Alpha House
Andrea and Jesse's Apartment
Antonia Marchette's Mansion
Antonia's Bridal Gown Store
Bel Age Hotel
Beverly Hills Police Department
Bill Taylor's House
Bill Taylor's Private Airport
Brandon and Steve's Bar Brawl Lock-up
Brandon and Susan's Jog
Brandon and Susan's Palm Springs Hotel
Brandon, Kelly and Val's Sting
Brandon, Steve and David's Penthouse
Brandon, Steve and Joe's Aerobatics Airport
California University
Casa Walsh
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Chancellor Arnold's House
Colin Robbins' Venice Loft
Colin's Drug Bust Prison
Colin's Fugitive Bar Hideout
Colin's Fugitive Motel
Colin's High-Speed Chase
Colin's San Pedro Chase
Collegiate Press Club Journalism Awards
Donna Martin's House (Version 2)
Donna's Liquor Store
Dylan and Toni's First Date
Dylan and Toni's Motorcycle Ride
Dylan and Toni's Wedding
Dylan McKay's House
Dylan's Gun Disposal
Dylan's Palm Springs Tramway Ride
Dylan's Storage Facility 1
Equator Coffee House
Flirting with Disaster Camping Trip
Isaiah's Apartment
Jackie Taylor's New Apartment
Joan's Lighting Store
Joe and Ray's Trial
KEG House
Kelly and Colin's Dealer's House
Kelly and Colin's Drug Buy
Kelly and David's Bowling Alley
Kelly and Donna's Beach Apartment
Kelly and Tara's Suicide Point
Kelly Taylor's Birthday Party
Kelly's 21st Birthday Painting Parking Lot
Martin Boat Slip
Medical Center - Various
Montezinos Restaurant
Nat and Joan's Bungalow
Nat and Joan's First Date
Peach Pit
Peach Pit After Dark
Prince Carl's Polo Match
Ray Pruit's House
Road Trip Silence Convent
Stardust Ballroom
Steve and Clare's Dinner with Carl
Steve and Clare's Motorcycle Ride
Steve's 21st Birthday Bash
Tara's Runaway Bus Stop
Tara's Street Home
Tony Marchette's Office
Tournament of Roses House
Tournament of Roses White Christmas
Val and Colin's New Year's Checkpoint
Valerie and Ginger's Rodeo Shopping

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