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Use the list below to narrow down locations by the type of locations. Some may technically fit into multiple categories, but they have been placed in the one that makes the most sense...theoretically.


Looking for Casa Walsh, or perhaps Dylan McKay's house? How about Kelly Taylor or Steve Sanders' house? You will find them here. Looking for the Humphrey loft from Gossip Girl or Lorelai Gilmore's house from Gilmore Girls? They aren't here...


A list of the various locations used as medical facilities on all of the shows


The Now Wear This boutique? Check. Donna's new store from her 2 episode stint on 90210? Check. Beverly Beat? Yes indeed. If it can be classified as a store or business that doesn't better fit in some other category, it's probably here.


All kinds of hotels and motels...some swanky, some skanky. But they are all listed here.

Beaches and Beach Clubs

If a location took place on or near a beach, look for it here. Unless it was a beach bouse...then direct yourself to the aforementioned Homes/Apartments category.

Parks and Recreation

This includes locations that took place in parks, as well as locations used for camping or any other type of bowling, ice skating, swimming, tennis. etc. Racially-squashing dance-offs that have David Silver rapping in the background will be listed under Schools


Pretty self explanatory. If they were eating there, it's probably here.


If glowsticks or beers might be in attendance for the location you are looking for, you came to the right place.


Hookers, DUIs, jails, legal proceedings and many many more...


Weddings, Baptisms and's the circle of life.


What can I say...the people of L.A. like to take planes


Partially because I am lazy, partially because I don't feel like making categories for one-offs...this is the proverbial hodge-podge of stuff that fits in no other category.


The heavy hitters of the educational elite that shaped the lives of our protagonists.


Birthday parties mostly...but also graduation parties and video wrap parties as well.


A lot of stuff happens on boats and near marinas. You can find it here.

Scenic Spots

Nice overlooks, as well as fancy places where a crazy girl might take Kelly Taylor to kill her with car exhaust.

Background images? That's the bees knees!

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